About Charlie

I’m a lead front end web developer based in London, England, and I work for a small web development agency. Technology wise, I work mainly with Symfony on the server side, but the odd Ruby on Rails project crosses my desk. It hasn’t always been that way, in fact I have experience in quite a few object-oriented PHP frameworks (and building me own here and there), plus several out-of-the-box content management systems including concrete5Expression Engine 1 & 2WordPress and, rather begrudgingly at least, Joomla!.

I am passionate about writing good, clean HTML5 and build responsive web applications. I also enjoy nothing more than adding a bit of a wow factor to my front end builds using Javascript and CSS3.

If you’d like to read a little more about how I got into web development and what books I read, you should check out the “On My Bookshelf” section of the site. You can also follow me on GitHub and Twitter.

There is more to life than web development though (yes, there really is), and my other interests include film, travel, photography, cooking (or at least having a darn good go at it) and languages of the non-programming variety.