Adobe Release Creative Suite 2 as Free Download – PC and Mac

Adobe Creative Cloud Launch Event
Shantanu Narayen of Adobe recently unveiled Creative Cloud alongside Creative Suite 6

Adobe has just released their decade-old Creative Suite 2 software for free – great news for developers and designers out there who don’t need or can’t afford the latest Adobe software in order to go about their daily business.

Adobe has cited the reason for the licensing change for version 2 of their hugely popular design suite was that the cost of maintaining and running the activation server which checks licence key validity for Creative Suite 2 is no longer justifiable. Especially since the recent launches of both Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud.

Why would you want to download a decade-old design suite? Well, to be honest, because it’s pretty frigging good still. 90% of what I do in photoshop is slice up designers’ files, or create simple graphics and tidy up and optimise clients’ photos for inclusion on their websites – CS2 is more than capable of doing all of those things, and so unless you’re some snob who needs the latest and greatest (in which case – why are you reading this post?) or too happy with GIMP or whichever other design software you use currently, you’d be a fool not to grab a copy.

A note on system requirements

I know what you’re thinking – this software is old – will I be able to run it on my machine? Well thanks to a bit of round-robin conversations between the developers at my place of work, I can report that despite Adobe stating compatibility on Windows is limited to MS Windows 2000 and XP running on Intel Pentium III and 4 processors, we have successfully installed Creative Suite 2 on newer machines running both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Mac users on the other hand – sorry… the first version of Creative Suite to be compatible with Intel-based Apple computers was CS3, which, unfortunately means that you won’t be able to run this on anything other than an old PPC based Apple machine, and believe me, we did try.

Enough! I want the link!

Ok, ok, you can download your copy of Creative Suite 2 here. You will be required to register for a free Adobe account in order to download it.