Super-easy Facebook app project management for teams

So, you work at a media agency / development house and you have multiple clients with Facebook apps. You also have a team of developers and/or support staff who need to be administrators on said apps? How do you manage your staff’s access to each new app you create? What if someone develops an app then leaves without adding another person as the administrator? Don’t worry! I’ve got a cunning plan to help you streamline your Facebook app project management… Continue reading Super-easy Facebook app project management for teams

I Hear There’s Some Olympics or Something…

Just a brief post regarding the impending Olympics in London – it’s time to get into the Olympic spirit what with one day to go before the opening ceremony, and I popped out of the office earlier today to see the torch coming past with a (rather excited looking) runner and entourage of questionable sponsors.

These are just a few pics of that – nothing geeky and code-related to say here.

Save The Hobbit Pub in Southampton! A short tirade…

You may have noticed that I’ve added a banner to the sidebar of the blog; this isn’t me trying to monetize the site – far from it in fact – this is a little publicity for an issue that recently arose regarding The Hobbit Free House in Portswood, Southampton.

“What issue?”, I hear you ask. Well you obviously aren’t following Stephen Fry on Twitter, who waded into the argument surrounding the Saul Zaentz Company’s (SZC from hereon to stop me having to spell that annoying name) recent threat of legal action to The Hobbit’s owners, Punch Taverns, if they don’t remove all references to J.R.R. Tolkein’s book and its characters.

Continue reading Save The Hobbit Pub in Southampton! A short tirade…

A new year, a new blog

It came to me in the night – something has to be done about my online presence! It’s all very well tweeting occasionally and selling Expression Engine add-ons by the thimble-full, but really I need some kind of central repository of Charlie-ness.

So welcome to “Too Many Redirects”; named after the annoying – yet through no fault of its own – Safari screen, this blog shall act as a beacon for my knowledge, experimentation and anything else that tumbles out of my mouth (erm… fingers) without passing through my brain on the way down.

I shall do my best to keep this blog up to date with my latest forays into code, photography and life in this flood plain we call London town. My underlying hope is for you, dear reader, to take something away each time from here – whether a new understanding of something geeky, or an imprint on your mind of the peculiarity of mine!

So relax, sit back and enjoy the ride. Seat belts optional (but encouraged).