Super-easy Facebook app project management for teams

So, you work at a media agency / development house and you have multiple clients with Facebook apps. You also have a team of developers and/or support staff who need to be administrators on said apps? How do you manage your staff’s access to each new app you create? What if someone develops an app then leaves without adding another person as the administrator? Don’t worry! I’ve got a cunning plan to help you streamline your Facebook app project management…

The story so far…

Up until now, what I’d been doing is adding other individuals as administrators to Facebook apps – this works fine, but is a hassle, and if you’re not friends with a person on Facebook you can’t add them without their profile ID, and what’s more Facebook’s been it’s usual helpful self and buried the profile ID in favour of a username for people. The problem with this is two-fold:

  1. You need to go into each application to remove someone who leaves your company, or add someone who joins your company.
  2. Anyone who creates an Facebook app needs to add everyone relevant as administrators individually – depending on how big your team is this could be both time-consuming and inconsistent between apps (people getting missed etc).

The Solution…

… is really rather simple. You should create a Facebook Group for people who you want to have access to the application. Don’t worry, you can make groups both closed (no-one can join of their own volition) or secret (only members can see the group). This is great because:

  • Facebook Groups can have app developer roles (and thus anyone in the group gets those same roles)
  • You end up with one central place to administer members when they join/leave your company
  • You get a timeline within the group saying “Joe Bloggs added Our Secret Group to Administrators in My Test App” so you can see as new apps are being created.
  • Other members can invite people to the group, so you don’t have to be the one person in charge of adding every new starter.
  • If you make a member a group admin they can also remove people (including you) from the group when they leave the company.
  • You don’t need to be Facebook friends with someone to add them to the group, nor do you need to know their elusive profile ID – you can invite people by email.

The Hitch

Hey, it wouldn’t be Facebook without a hitch now would it? The one *small* caveat is that every Facebook app needs at least one developer associated with it – this is fine so long as you remember that when Joe Bloggs leaves Our Secret Group, you’ll need to pop into all of his apps and swap him for someone else as the individual developer associated with the app before removing him from the group.

That said – the above still makes life a lot easier!