How to Embed a Google Maps Virtual Tour of Your Business on Your Site

For a while now, Google has been offering business owners the ability to add their business photos to enhance their Google Maps listing. Furthermore, you can take it one step further and provide Maps users the ability to “look inside” your business with a Virtual Tour, created at the hands of one of their trusted photographers. This post deals with how to embed a Google Maps virtual tour on your own website or blog with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

TL;DR: You can’t. You need to switch back to classic maps. Read on to find out how.

Great, right? Well, yes and no. It’s great from a business perspective, since people can see your premises when they’re on Google Maps, get a feel for your bar / restaurant or store and choose to visit (or not) based on how great your enhanced listing looks.

Enter Stage Left: The New Google Maps

Until recently, Google Maps allowed you to embed street view and virtual tours from a link on the map view in question via their site, but since the unveiling of the new Google Maps, the ability to do this from the street view or virtual tour parts of the system have mysteriously vanished.

The only workaround, for now it seems, is to roll back to the earlier version of maps. You can do this by clicking the question mark within the speech bubble in the bottom right of the browser window. The menu that pops up will then offer you the chance to “return to classic maps”, at which point you’ll be presented with a dialog asking you why you want to switch:


Per the above, please make sure you tick ‘Missing features’ as the reason for your departure from the new-look Google Maps, that way you’ll be telling Google you’re not happy with the missing features in the new version of Maps.

Once you’ve got the old version of maps back, you can embed the “Look Inside” virtual tours of businesses (or Streetview) using the standard embed tool – the chain icon under the search box – when you’re on the view you’d like to embed to bring up the share and embed options:


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