Creating AOL-style “You’ve got mail!” system alerts on OS X

America OnlineOkay, it’s fair to say that I was struggling to fill my lunch hour yesterday, and one thing that I’ve wanted to do for a number of years was trigger the awesomely-cool “You’ve got mail” voice when I get new emails on my computer. If, like me, you were never one who actually used AOL as a service provider (and why would you), then your best bet is to think of the film of the same name starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

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I Hear There’s Some Olympics or Something…

Just a brief post regarding the impending Olympics in London – it’s time to get into the Olympic spirit what with one day to go before the opening ceremony, and I popped out of the office earlier today to see the torch coming past with a (rather excited looking) runner and entourage of questionable sponsors.

These are just a few pics of that – nothing geeky and code-related to say here.